Genuine Parts

Isuzu Genuine Parts are designed and tested to provide your vehicle’s optimum performance in a long period of time.
All our Isuzu Genuine Parts are made to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards and are approved by Isuzu Motors. That means they are manufactured to the same high standards as the parts that we use on our manufacturing line, and are subjected to the same performance, quality and durability tests.

Therefore, when you fit Isuzu Genuine Parts, you know that the performance and safety of your vehicle remains as high as ever.



Isuzu is one of the global leaders and most reputable brands in transportation, commercial vehicles and diesel engines.
We aim to be a driving force in life around the world. Investing in Genuine Isuzu Merchandise is guaranteed to make a
quality statement.

  1. Apparel
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Diecast Scale Model Truck


The Isuzu lubricants range is designed and formulated to provide high levels of protection and performance, as well as assist in the reduction of exhaust emissions for a cleaner environment. Isuzu guarantees the quality and performance on the complete range of Isuzu lubricants, including of engine oil, transmission oil, gear oil, coolant and grease to suit a wide range of applications.



Using an electro-hydraulic drive system with a steel or aluminium platform, tail gates are the ideal equipment’s for loading and unloading goods from the vehicle decks.

Freezer Box

Develop refrigerator system for Isuzu light-duty trucks that contributes to better fuel efficiency while maintaining low-level freezer/refrigerator temperatures when the vehicle is idling at a stop light or in other traffic situations.

Engineered Projects

We do provide customised engineering to meet our client’s specific needs. Our engineering services range from conceptualisation through to manufacture, testing and operation.


  1. DVR
  2. Head Unit
  3. Reverse Camera
  4. Reverse Buzzer