June 13, 2019

ISUZU N-Series is celebrating 60th Anniversary

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the N-Series, one of the best-selling models of ISUZU. Known as the ELF in Japan and Isuzu retained No.1 position from 2001 to 2018 in the segment of payload 2-3 Ton.

N-Series was released on 26th August 1959, one of the first light-duty trucks in ISUZU. Over the years, the models has become synonymous in light-duty trucks, thanks to the continuous innovation and superior quality. ISUZU unmatched diesel technology has enabled the series to repeatedly set new standards for environmental impact and fuel economy. The current sixth generation of the series boasts a long list of enhancements, such as refined styling, sturdy, lightweight cabin, compact, smoother-Ex transmission and clean yet powerful turbo diesel engine.

Total production volume of N-Series has exceeded 6.5 million units and now is available in 146 countries worldwide. According to Isuzu annual report, N-Series has retained No.1 market share in 25 countries across the regions.

The smart and clean logo of N-Series 60th Anniversary clearly identify the N-Series is always on the cutting edges of the times whereby representing the zero as the earth and symbolizing the N-Series has kept running for 60 years around the world.